Julia & Leslie Stephen in Switzerland, 1889



Julia Stephen (née Jackson) & Leslie Stephen in Grindelwald (Switzerland) by Gabriel Loppé, 1889

After Leslie Stephen’s first winter expedition to the Alps in 1877 he realized that he was in love with Julia Duckworth: “There was a music running through me… delicious and inspiring. Julia was that strange solemn music to which my whole nature seemed to be set.” The widowers, Leslie Stephen and Julia Duckworth, were neighbors at Hyde Park Gate in London. Julia was fifteen years younger than Leslie. This picture was taken on a trip to the Alps after they were married.

In January 1889, Leslie Stephen took a three-week holiday in the Alps to visit old friends. He was suffering from overwork editing the Dictionary of National Biography. This was his first trip to the Alps with his wife Julia.

Here they are seen at Meiringen with Melchior Anderegg, one of the great Alpine guides and a good friend to Leslie Stephen.


source: Smith College Libraries

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