Mrs. John Courtney in fancy dress, 1876


Mrs. John Courtney by William James Topley, February 1876

Mrs. John Courtney was a daughter of Fennings Taylor, Deputy Clerk of the Senate. She is dressed as “Lady Esmond Warrington” for a fancy dress ball hosted by Lord and Lady Dufferin on February 23rd, 1876. Description of her costume made of “heirloom” garments in the Toronto Globe on February 25, 1876:

Petticoat pink satin, quilted by hand; dress muslin covered with flowers worked by hand and lined with pink silk; white satin shoes, silver buckles, hair poudré. Dress, petticoat, and shoes 120 years old.” She wore black “patches” or beauty spots on her face.”

source: Library & Archives Canada

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