Miss Emma Lemoine in fancy dress, 1876


Miss Emma Lemoine in fancy dress by William James Topley, March 1876

Miss Emma Lemoine is dressed as “A Brigand Queen” for a fancy dress ball hosted by Lord and Lady Dufferin on February 23rd 1876. Description of her costume in the Ottawa Free Press on February 24th, 1876:

underskirt gold cloth trimmed with gold fringe; second skirt scarlet velvet trimmed with gold lace and pearls; overskirt trimmed with gold stars and fringe cold coins, maroon scarf tied around waist, black velvet bodice, worked with gold, armlets, necklets worked with coins, peaked hat, hair braided with feathers, gold coins, bronze shoes, red heels and rosettes, diamonds and jewelled dagger.

source: Library & Archives Canada

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