Mary “Minnie” Senior, 1856-7


Mary (‘Minnie’) Senior (1825-1909) by George Frederick Watts, 1856-7

 Mary Charlotte Senior (b. 1825) married Charles. J. Simpson, a barrister, in 1865 and their daughter, Henrietta Mary Amy Simpson (b. 1866) married John St. Loe Strachey, son of Sir Edward Strachey of Sutton Court, Stowey, Somerset. Their daughter, Mary Amabel Nassau Strachey (b 10 May 1894), married Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (1873-1978), owner of Portmeirion.

She was the sister-in-law of Jane Elizabeth Senior. There is a photo of Minnie and Jeanie them together, see the link to my other post here.

And below a 17-year-old Mary Senior:


source: Peerage

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