Elizabeth Earl Collins wearing a cadet bodice and chemisette, ca. 1850

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sixth-plate Daguerreotype of Elizabeth Earl Collins, ca. 1850
Elizabeth Earl Collins (1824-1904), also referred to as Elizabeth Budd Kner, seated with hair parted in the center in soft waves about the face and covering the ears, wearing a long sleeved dress with a cadet bodice buttoned at the throat but opened in front to display the chemisette, with white undersleeves and a whitework collar. Preserver: Straight but more ornate (1850s). Mat: Oval with matte finish (ca.1850). Case: Leather covered wood frame embossed with a floral design on the front and a simple lined trim design on the back, with an interior gilded edge trim, a red velvet pinchpad, and a red velvet cushion embossed with a floral design (ca. 1850)

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