Elizabeth Earl Collins with son Thomas, 1853-54

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sixth-plate Daguerreotype of Elizabeth Earl Collins with son Thomas Earl Collins, 1850s

Elizabeth E. Collins (1804-1904), nee Budd Kner Earl, wife of Isaac Collins III.

Preserver: Straight and embossed with simple pattern (after 1850). Mat: Oval with matte finish and simple embossed design (1850). Case: Leather covered wood frame embossed with the common “The Romanesque Urn” design [Plate 141 on page 126 of “American Miniature Case Art” by Floyd and Marion Rinhart (Cranbury, New Jersey: A. S. Barnes and Co., Inc., 1969)] on both the front and back, with exterior and interior gilded edge trim, a red velvet pinchpad and a red velvet cushion embossed with a floral design (ca. 1857).

Via: Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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