Frances Lea Smith, 1840s

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1/6 plate Daguerreotype of Frances Lea Smith, 1840s

Half portrait of a woman seated on a chair with her arm resting on a posing table, wearing a circular shaped white bonnet with a frill fastened inside the brim, tied in place with white ribbons, with a white lace collar and plaid neckline ribbon beneath, dressed in a dark silk shawl covering the elbows and fringed with dark silk ruffles, with long sleeves visible beneath and dark kid wrist-length gloves, holding a watch cord between her hands. Preserver: [none]. Mat: Octagonal with pebble finish (1839-mid 40s). Case: Leather-covered wood-frame embossed with a floral design (a variation of Berg Nos. 5-94 and 5-112) on both the front and back, with a red velvet pinchpad and a red velvet cushion embossed with a floral design (1850).
Here are two more images of the same lady, but of a later date, 1850s-60:
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And these little girls might be her daughters, Anna and Fanny C. L. Smith (first two photos 1840s, third photo ca. 1850s-60):
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And this gentleman here might be her husband, or her brother. The photo dates ca. 1840s:
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