Countess Sofia Alexeevna Bobrinskaya (née Sheremeteva), 1869


Countess Sofia Bobrinskaya (née Sheremeteva) by Hippolyte Robillard, 1869

Sofia Alexeevna Bobrinskaya (née Sheremeteva), 1842-1872. She was the daughter of the Decembrist Alexei Vasilyevich Sheremetev and Yekaterina Sergeyevna Sheremeteva/Ekaterina Sheremeteva (17.12.1813-7.5.1890). Sofia had nine brothers and sisters:

Sofia was the second wife of Count Alexei Vasilievich Bobrinsky (1831 – 1888), he was the son of Count Vasily Alekseevich Bobrinsky from his second marriage with Sophia Prokofyevna Sokovnin (1812-1869). His father’s mother was Anna Bobrinskaya, see my other post here.

Sofia and Alexei married in 1859.  They had four children:

  • Basil (1860-1861)
  • Alex (1861-1938) – first marriage to Elizabeth Alexandrovna Peterson (died 1915)., second marriage since 1918 to Maria Dmitrievna Catania (1876-1957);
  • Vladimir (1862-1938);
  • Catherine (1864-1926), wife of Prince Peter Dmitriyevich Svyatopolk-Mirsky (1857-1914).

source: Hermitage Museum


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  1. Name says: Reply

    It is not the same person. This is Sophia Alexeevna Bobrinskaya (born Sheremeteva) 1842 – 1871. She is 26 on this photo, and she died 2 years later.

  2. Miss Anna says: Reply

    Thank you for pointing this out! I corrected the mistake. These Russian names are so difficult to research if one does not read Russian language. How sad that she died so young. What did she die from?

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