Countess Anna Bobrinskaya (née Ungern-Sternberg), 1806-07


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Countess Anna Vladimirovna Bobrinskaya, 1806-07

Countess Anna Vladimirovna Bobrinskaya (née Baroness von Ungern-Sternberg, 20 May 1769 – March 9, 1846) was the wife of Alexei Bobrinsky, illegitimate son of Catherine II.

From the German Baltics. Born in the family of the commandant Revel fortress Baron Woldemar Ungern-Sternberg and Daria Andreyevna Tizengauzen.

From her marriage to Alexei Grigoryevich Bobrinsky (1762-1813) there were four children:

  1. Maria A. (1798-1835), married to Chamberlain Prince Nikolai Sergeyevich Gagarin (1784-1842)
  2. Alexei / Aleksey Alekseyevich Bobrinsky (1800-1868), (see my posts here). He was married to Sophia Alexandrovna Samoilova (1797-1866), daughter of Count AN Samoilova.
  3. Pavel (1801-1830), captain, killed in a duel in Florence . He was married in 1822 to a wealthy widow and beauty, Yulia Stanislavovna Sobakina née boy-Belinskaya (1804-1892), had 2 sons and 3 daughters. The marriage took place in secret and has been met with disapproval of the groom’s mother.
  4. Vasily (1804-1874), he served in the Life Guards Hussar Regiment, the Decembrists. He married three times: Princess Lidiya Gorchakov (1807-1826); Sophia Prokopevna Sokovnin (1812-1869); Alexandra Ushakova (1821-1880). With his second wife he had two children: Sofya Kovalevskaya (1837-1891) and Alexei Vasilievich (1831-1888) whose second wife was Sophia Alekseevna Sheremeteva (1842-1872), see my other post here

source: Hermitage Museum

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