Three lovely ladies ~ 1840-50s


Sixth-Plate Daguerreotype of Three Fine Ladies ~ ca. 1840-50s

I find this photo hard to date. The Bishop under sleeves could suggest 1860s, as well as the hairstyle of the woman on the right, but the buckle belt was worn often in 1840s as well as in the 1850s. The gold chain attached to her buckle belt looks like a chatelaine. In this image you can see very nicely how the buckle belt looks when standing as most photos show the women seated while wearing this type of belt. I like the detail of the black lace trim on the cape of the woman on the left. What I find peculiar is the three different hairstyles that the women have. The middle one seems to have cropped hair. I always wonder why that is, I have seen it before in other photographs. Does it mean the woman had been ill and had to cut off her hair? Or is the hair not cropped at all, only arranged in a way that it looks like it has been cropped? Could the women be sisters? The one on the left and the one in the middle look alike, but the woman on the right looks rather different, also in eye color tone. Again, I find it hard to estimate a date to this photo. Suggestions are most welcome!

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