teenage girl with ringlets ~ 1840s

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Teenage Girl ~ 1840s

Beautiful example of an 1840s teenage girl. Look at her scrutinizing right eye, as if she is observing you instead of the other way round. Her hair is styled with a center part and flat against the head, exposing the ears, and with ringlets in the back. Her simple but elegant dress has a fan bodice with scoop neckline. The quarter length tight sleeves have a lace trim. No collar or undersleeves. Her waistline is probably vee shaped, as most dresses in that era. And it is adorned with a buckle belt. She is seated next to a table on which one of her arms is resting. Her hands are folded above her lap. At first sight it seems she is not wearing any jewelry, but there is a gold dot at chest hight, which suggests a hand colored jewelry piece like a long necklace. She might wear small button earrings, but it is hard to see clearly. I like how the focus of the photo is on the girl’s eyes, and the hands are slightly blurred and moved.

Via: Anonymous Works, (origin of image is an old Ebay listing)

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