18-year-old Elizabeth Burge Schultz, 1858


6th plate Daguerreotype of Elizabeth Burge Schultz (b. New York, 1843), aged 18, next to a Daguerreotype of an Odd Fellow, 1858

There is a notation that her picture was taken soon after her marriage on July 27, 1858. Michael Schultz was born ca. 1839 in Baden, Germany. He married Elizabeth Burge once he immigrated to the U.S. Elizabeth is wearing a striped off shoulder dress with probably a natural waist; fan bodice with yoke, quarter length sleeves with double ruffle and scalloped trim. Hair is parted in the center with two-strand braided side-buns half covering the ears, and large ribbons showing from the back of the head. Accessories include buckled ribbon belt; mid elbow length fingerless black crochet mittens; ring (the photograph is in reverse, so in fact the ring would be on the other finger); long necklace and simple gold earrings. She is sitting on a chair, one arm resting in her lap, the other one resting on a small table. On the table a Daguerreotype of a man in Odd Fellow regalia.

source: Dennis A. Waters Fine Daguerreotypes

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