padded wing coiffure beauty ~ ca. 1856

This image probably dates to around 1856. Her hair is styled in the padded wing fashion that was very popular at that time


Ambrotype of Unknown Young Woman ~ ca. 1856

A beautiful photo of a young woman with enigmatic Mona Lisa smile. What secret does she hide? She has a kind of inner radiance that pregnant women have. Her hair style is a perfect example of the padded wing coiffure that was very fashionable at that time. The bodice of her dress has a front closure, low shoulderlines and is in a vee shape, with what looks like a natural waist line (but it is a bit hard to see clearly on the photograph). The bodice is trimmed with bands of velvet. The wrist length sleeves are narrow on top and wide at the end. There are undersleeves as well (not very clear in the picture). She has a scalloped lace collar and a gold brooch and gorgeous gold pendant earrings. She is seated and her hands are folded in her lap.

Via: BeeArchives

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