Joséphine Koberwein, 1848


Josephine Koberwein by Joseph Fricero, 1848

Joséphine Koberwein aka Youzia (Joséphine) Iossifovna Koberwein was born in Biélaia Tserkov (Bely, gouvernement de Smolensk) 12 May 1825 and died in Nice 23 February 1893.

Officially she was the daughter of Iossif (Joseph) Vassiliévitch Koberwein and Marianne Koberwein (née Marianne de Rutenskiöld). But actually her father was Tsar Nicolas.

Joséphine Koberwein married 3 January 1849 the famous French painter from Nice Joseph Fricero. She was also a painter.

source: Wikipedia

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