American Beauty, ca. 1845


American Beauty by Marcus Aurelius Root, ca. 1845

Notes: This daguerreotype is sharp and clear with very little tarnish. The image shows a young woman in a seated position with her hands crossed on her lap. There is slight pink tinting on her cheeks and the ribbon at her neck is tinted blue and adorned with a small gold-tinted brooch. She is also wearing hoop earrings and two gold-tinted rings on her fingers.

The plate is stamped L. B. B. & Co. and has a copper-colored back and very small bevels on each corner. The image has been resealed with Filmoplast P-90. The mat is octagonal with a pebbled finish. There is a small scratch on the right side of the plate near the mat.

The case is called “Spray of Wildflowers” and is #161 listed on page 69 of Photographic Cases–Design Sources 1840-1870 by Adele Kenny. The case has some scuff marks, a very weak and nearly broken spine, and a damaged upper-right corner. Otherwise, it is in good shape. The case has a pink silk pad which is printed with:




Marcus Aurelius Root learned the art of the daguerreotype from Robert Cornelius in 1843 and had his own gallery on Chestnut Street beginning in 1845. See Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, Volume 3, Page 490.

source: History of Photography Archive on Flickr

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