Jenny Lind, 1848

Jenny Lind (1820-87)

Jenny Lind by William Edward Kilburn, 1848

Daguerreotype of Jenny Lind (1820-1887)  standing looking left with her right arm resting on the back of a chair. There is a blanket on the back of the chair and a plant to the right. She is wearing a long dress with a floral pattern and holding a handkerchief in her left hand. The daguerreotype is mounted under glass. Queen Victoria attended the first London performance given by the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind on the 4th of May 1847. She described the occasion in her journal: ‘The great event of the evening however was Jenny Lind’s appearance & her complete triumph. She has the most exquisite, powerful, & really quite peculiar voice’. She later sang among the choristers at the wedding of the Prince of Wales in St George’s Chapel in 1863.

She wears the same dress as in this photo in my other post here.

source: Royal Collection

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