Mrs John Adamson, 1860

John Adamson





Mrs John Adamson by John Adamson, 1860

Take a closer look at her magnificent broderie anglaise undersleeves! And the pen necklace dangling from her waist, hidden in the folds of her tier skirt. She wears the same bracelets in this other photo here. And her broderie anglaise undersleeves on this photo are of the same pattern as the broderie anglaise collar in the other photo, as if they belonged together, but were worn and combined seperately. The broderie anglaise collar also has a zig zag edge (difficult to see behind all her curls, but take a closer look and you will notice). On the other photo she also wears a pen necklace, but tied to a gold chain rather than a ribbon cord, as seen in the above photo.

source: National Galleries Scotland

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