Mary Louisa Fisher (née Jackson), 1864


Mrs Herbert Fischer aka Mary Louisa Jackson by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1864 

Mary Louisa Jackson (December 30, 1841 – August 24, 1916) was born in Calcutta. She was the daughter of John Jackson, MD and Maria Jackson.

She was the wife of Herbert William Fisher. She was the mother of Florence Henrietta FisherHerbert Albert Laurens Fisher, FRSArthur Alexander FisherAdeline Maria Vaughan WilliamsEmmeline Mary MorrisEdmund Montagu Princep FisherHervey George Stanhope FisherAdmiral Sir William Wordsworth Fisher, GCBCharles Dennis Fisher RNVRCordelia Curle and Edwin Fisher. Hard to believe that she had eleven children!

She was the sister of Adeline Maria JacksonGeorge Corrie Jackson and Julia Prinsep Stephen (aka Julia Jackson).

Two of her children – Florence Fischer and Herbert Albert Laurens Fischer – can be seen on this photo here, with their aunt Julia Duckworth (nee Jackson) in 1872.

On the above photo Mary was 23 years old, and in January that year she had given birth to her first child, daughter Florence. On this photo she might actually already be pregnant with her next child, Herbert, who was born in spring the following year. In any case, she looks pretty exhausted on this picture.

source: Art Institute Chicago


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