A young Princess (presumably Dorothea of Denmark), ca. 1530-32


 A young Princess (presumably Dorothea of Denmark) by Jan Gossaert, ca. 1530-32

The sitter is traditionally identified as Jacqueline, youngest daughter of Adolphe de Bourgogne (a patron of Gossaert) and Anne de Bergues (whom Gossaert painted). They married in 1509 and Jacqqueline was born in 1523. However, this identification is probably incorrect.

The object the child holds and spins is not a toy but an armillary sphere, used to represent the movements of the planets. She holds it upside down, which may have some significance. She is placed in front of a painted picture frame and appears to be emerging from the picture, an illusionistic device of which Gossaert was fond.

Via: National Gallery

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