Alexandra Josefovna, Grand Duchess Constantine of Russia & her six children, ca.1863


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Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg with her six children, ca. 1863

Photograph of Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911) with her children. She is sitting at the centre of the group looking to the right with her left arm outstretched. The baby Grand Duke Viatcheslav Constantinovich (1862-1879) is sitting on her knee and Grand Duke Dimitri Constantinovich (1860-1919) is sitting on the floor by her feet. Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna (1854-1912) is kneeling to the left with Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich (1858-1915) standing behind her. Grand Duke Nicholas Constantinovich (1850-1918) and Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna (1851-1926), later Queen Olga of the Hellenes, are standing to the right. There is a photograph of Grand Duke Constantine Nikolayevich on an ornately carved pillar to the right. Grand Duke Constantine Nikolayevich had six children with his consort Grand Duchess Alexandra Iossifovna. He later had a number of illegitimate children.

source: WikiCommonsRoyal Collection

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