Sarah Helen Whitman (fiancé of Edgar Allan Poe) as a medium, ca. 1850s-1870s


Sarah Helen Whitman (Edgar Allan Poe’s fiance) veiled for a Seance, ca. 1850s-1870s

Photograph of Sarah Helen Whitman as a medium. Photograph was inserted in autographed presentation copy of Hours of life, and other poems by Sarah Helen Whitman depicting the author as a medium. The book was presented to William W. Coleman, June 18, 1878. This is one of three photographs of the author inserted in the book. Below another photograph, which looks more similar to an earlier Daguerreotype photo of her from 1856, see my other post here.


Brown University / Barton Levi St. Armand. “Veiled Ladies: Dickinson, Bettine, and Transcendental Mediumship.” Studies in the American Renaissance, (1987)

Via: Brown University Library

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