Elizabeth Earl Collins, ca. 1847

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1/4-plate Daguerreotype of Elizabeth B. K. Earl, ca 1847

Elizabeth Budd Kner Earl (1824-1904) wearing a striped long sleeved dress with a fan-front bodice gathered low in a waist-front panel, with a whitework chemisette and cuffs, and dark leather gloves, her hair parted in the center, smoothed over the head covering the ears and falling in ringlets at the back of the neck, a braid set back on the crown. Preserver: [none] (pre-1847). Mat: Brown board with octagonal window, lined in black and white, with gold scrollwork in each corner. Case: Leather covered wood frame embossed with a floral design on the front, and a plain (unembossed) back, with a red velvet pinchpad and a plain (unembossed) red velvet cushion (late 1840s).

Via: Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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