A Lady and her Dog on a Balcony ~ ca. 1870s-80s


sixth plate Tintype of a Lady and her Dog on a Balcony ~ ca. 1880s

“What makes this image spectacular is the unusual vantage point of the photographer and his camera. The dog in the foreground greets your eyes first, in perfect focus I might add, while the lady leans upon the railing of a balcony or possibly a widow’s peak at the top of a building. Then in the distance you can faintly make out the tops of other buildings as they fall into soft focus. There is beautiful understated feeling of Victorian romanticism captured on this sixth plate, particularly how the photographer’s lens creates wonderful depth of field throughout the picture plane. Even when the woman is slightly out of focus you sense she very confident in herself as well as her canine friend. “

Via: nic-o-matic on Ebay

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