lilac evening dress ~ 1823


Evening Dress  ~  1823

Dress of Urlings patent lace over a slip of lilac coloured satin. Three French tucks of white satin, falling one over the other, are placed at the edge of the border. These are surmounted by a rich festoon trimming of white crape, consisting of full puffings; each festoon headed by an Asiatic diadem, divided by pearls, which gives a most splendid effect to this truly novel and unique kind of trimming. The body and sleeves are elegantly simple, the former having only a slight ornament of fine lace round the bust, with a few puffs of lilac satin; the sleeves are very short, not full, and are bound tight round the arm with a broad band of satin. The head dress is à la Grecque with two beautiful white ostrich feathers, falling over the left side. Two rows of large pearls form the necklace worn with this dress, with a Maltese cross, of topazes. A scarf, or drapery of the same material as the dress, only of a rich pattern and not plain like the robe, is a charming addition to this elegant costume. Illustration from La Belle Assemblée.

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