Marie Antoine in black lace pelerine ~ 1850s-60s


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Marie Antoine, born Woes, 1850s-60s

Albumen silver print from glass negative by Franz Antoine (Austrian, 1814–1882). Here Marie Antoine wears her black lace pelerine again, that we have admired in previous photos here and here. She is decked in lush bracelets that we have seen in previous photos. Strange that she does not wear any necklace though, nor any visible earrings. The dress has a more grand look than the other dresses she wore, maybe it is evening wear? The dress has a lower neckline and shorter sleeves than Marie Antoine’s other dresses that we have seen in the previous photos. Her hair is elegantly styled: curled and braided and probably tied in a bun at the back of the head, adorned with a ribbon. There is another more official, but also more stiff and less interesting portrait of her on this photo here.
{ via: MET Museum }

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