Group portrait of the Antoine and Höusermann Families ~ 1850s-60s

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Group portrait of the Antoine and Höusermann Families, 1850s-60s

Albumen silver print from glass negative by Franz Antoine (Austrian, 1814–1882). Inscription: Photographer’s stamp on mount, recto, LR: “Antoine” [underlined]; inscribed in ink on mount, recto “Alfons A. Math. Höusermann Eugen A. Elise Höusermann Marie Antoine Hermine A. Marie A.”

from left to right: Alfons Antoine; Mathias Höusermann; Eugen Antoine; unknown woman; Elise Höusermann; Marie Antoine; Hermine Antoine; Marie Antoine.

Note the lush lace collars of the women matching the lace undersleeves and the beautiful black lace shawl worn by Marie Antoine. I wonder if the unknown woman in the picture could be a nanny of the children? Her style of dress is much plainer and in a somewhat older style (with a fan bodice and vee waistline typical of the 1840s) than the other women on the photo. She looks like the same unknown woman of this photo from a previous post. I also wonder about Hermine Antoine if she might have been ill or have some kind of disorder or stiff neck. On all photos (see previous posts) she has such a strange body posture. It might just be the discomfort of having to sit still for such a long exposure time, but in this photo she seems to be in some pain.

{ via: MET Museum }

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