Annie Oakley, ca. 1902-04


Annie Oakley, 1902-04

This gorgeous profile shot of Annie Oakley in the dark wig she wore for The Western Girl was taken in New York between 1902 and 1904.


Annie Oakley by White (New York), ca. 1902-03

Annie Oakley as The Western Girl, a Rare Cabinet Photo Signed and Inscribed on Verso. One of a series of exceptional photographs taken in 1902 or 1903 in New York, this picture of a lovely and relaxed Annie Oakley has never been published and is previously unknown. The gold-plated and engraved presentation M1894 Winchester in her hand is part of the collections of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. The famous star affixed to her hat has never been found. The back of this photograph is signed and identified by Annie: “Annie Oakley as Nance Barry in The Western Girl.”

source: Heritage Auctions

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