The Honourable George and Lady Beatrix Lambton , 1868


The Honourable George and Lady Beatrice Lambton by Thomas Cranfield, 1868

The Honourable George (23 December 1860 – 23 July 1945) and Lady Beatrice LambtonLady Beatrix Louisa Lambton (1859 – 12 March 1944), he stands three-quarters right in highland dress, resting his left elbow on the back of a chair in which his sister, Lady Beatrice, sits holding a doll on her lap.

Later in life she was known as Beatrice Louise Pembroke, wife of Sidney Herbert, the 14th Earl of Pembroke. Beatrix Louisa (née Lambton), Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery. Lord Pembroke married Lady Beatrix Louisa Lambton, daughter of the George Lambton, 2nd Earl of Durham, on 29 August 1877. They had two sons and two daughters. Their youngest son, Hon. George Herbert (1886–1942) was created a Baronet in 1937. Beatrix, Countess of Pembroke died in March 1944.

source: the Royal Collection

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