Julie Manet & nanny, ca. 1879


Julie Manet and nanny by Carat, ca. 1879

Julie Manet (November 14, 1878 – July 14, 1966) was a French painter and art collector.

Born in Paris, Julie Manet was the daughter and only child of artist Berthe Morisot and Eugène Manet, younger brother of painter Édouard Manet: she was therefore the niece of Manet. The death of both parents within a three-year period left her orphaned at the age of 16. As a result, she came under the guardianship of the poet/critic Stéphane Mallarmé and went to live with her cousins. She also received support from the family’s artist friends, Renoir in particular.

Here is another photo of Julie:



source: Bibliothèque Nationale de France

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