Alice Dunning, ca. 1870s


Alice Dunning Lingard by Napoleon Sarony (680 Broadway), ca. 1870s

Alice Dunning Lingard (July 29, 1847 – June 25, 1897) was an English actress who performed both in England and in the United States, and was the wife of mimic and comic William Lingard.

Lingard was born in London in on July 29, 1847 and had her stage debut there, at the Grecian Theatre. She married William Lingard in 1866, and then came to the United States for the first time in 1868, along with her sister Harriet (Dickie). Her stage debut in America was on August 11, 1868 in the role of “Widow White” in Mr. and Mrs. Peter White. Her travels took her around the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Lingard died on June 25, 1897, and was buried at Brompton Cemetery in London.

source: Boston Public Library

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