Mother and Baby, ca. 1840s-1850s


Mother and Child, ca. 1840s-1850s

I found this image on Flickr (see link below), but I am not sure this is the original source of the image. This image is referred to as being a post-mortem by several websites. I’m not sure if this is so, to me the baby looks merely asleep. Just because the mother has a sad expression, holding a baby with closed eyelids, does not automatically make it a post-mortem image. The mother does not seem to be in mourning. Except maybe the black shawl or jacket that she is wearing. And is that a mourning brooch she is wearing?

I believe the photo is American. There is a mark on the right corner above, but I cannot decipher it completely. Something like ovill/uvill, megg, meg.o, and extr?

Via: A Diamond Fell From the Sky on Flickr

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