Elizabeth Plane, 1880-1890

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‘Woodelton’ Carte de Viste of Elizabeth Plane in Cooktown (Queensland), ca. 1880-1890

Studio portrait of Elizabeth Plane wearing a dress buttoned up the front with a fitted waistline, long sleeves and a high neckline. She is wearing jewellery including a brooch, pendant and earrings. Elizabeth Plane, who was 23 at the time, arrived in Queensland on a ship called the Cheybassa in 1881.

Does this lady not bear a striking likeness with Nicole Kidman, in earlier years, at the time of Portrait of a Lady?

source: State Library of Qeensland

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  1. Dina says: Reply

    What was her position in history; what did she do aside from showing her jewelry, her dress, etc. Did she do anything important?

  2. Peter Picasso- Ugarte says: Reply

    I have not seen a woman this beautiful in my life and I am 60 years old. A very classy woman. Natural beauty. She looks very angelic, especially her beautiful eyes which really stand out.

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a picture/copy 8 x 10 of this beauty?

  3. Bobby Holcomb says: Reply

    Gene Tierny

  4. Peter Alcoy says: Reply


    I am sorry to say this but Nicole Kidman does not even come close to the beauty of this woman. Elizabeth Plane was in a class all by herself. Such beauty that radiates from her face speaks of a very classy woman with wondrous ways and probably a very beautiful voice. I wish I could have met her just to say hi to her and admire her beauty and person. Her dress and jewelry fit her very well.

    Peter Alcoy
    Madrid, Spain

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