Tatyana Shlykova, 1789

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Tatyana Shlykova by Nikolai Argunov, 1789

Tatyana Shlykova, also known under her stage name Granatova (1773-1863), was a Russian ballerina and opera singer. She was the daughter of Vasily Shlykov and Elena Shlykova, serfs of count Peter Borisovich Sheremetev, and trained in manners, recitation, French, Italian, music, singing and dancing to act in the famous Sheremetev theatre of serfs, where she was enrolled as its first ballet dancer in 1780. She became a noted artist and performed in many leading ballet roles, both comic and dramatic, and was noted by empress Catherine the Great. She was freed in 1803.

Nikolai Ivanovich Argunov (1771 – after 1829), Russian painter, son of painter Ivan Petrovich Argunov (1729 – 1802).

She is wearing the same earrings as this French lady, see my other post here. Maybe these type of earrings were en vogue in France at the time? Aren’t they lovely? The contemporary Russian artist Olga Rybakov painted another version of this portrait, see this link here and image below:


Via: WikiCommons

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