The Princess Royal & Princess Alice, January 1852

Victoria, Princess Royal, and Princess AliceScreen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.22.45

Victoria, The Princess Royal and Princess Alice by Theodore Brunell, Jan 1852

Daguerreotype of Princess Victoria (1840-1901) and Princess Alice (1843-1878). Princess Victoria is seated facing partly right and holding a flower. Princess Alice stands beside her to the right with her arm around her sister. Both girls are wearing long satin dresses. The daguerreotype is mounted in a dark red leather case with a red velvet interior.

Brunell was invited to Windsor Castle at the beginning of 1852 to photograph the royal family. He spent almost three weeks making portraits of the royal children, creating at least six images. These include this portrait of Princess Victoria and Princess Alice, one of the Prince of Wales and Prince Alfred, two of Princess Helena and one of Princess Louise. This photograph was probably taken on the 21st of January, when Queen Victoria recorded in her journal that ‘two more daguerreotypes were taken of me & the 2 little girls, very successfully’.

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Via: The Royal Collection

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