Amalia de Llano Dotres, Countess of Vilches Amelia Vilanova de Nadal, 1853

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Amalia de Llano Dotres, Countess of Vilches Amelia Vilanova de Nadal by Federico de Madrazo, 1853

Amalia de Llano (April 29, 1822 – July 6, 1874) was a Spanish countess and writer. Amalia married on October 12, 1839, with Gonzalo Vilches and Parga (1808–1879). The couple had two children:

  • Gonzalo Vilches and Llano ( Madrid, June 13 of 1842 – Madrid, February 2 of 1918 ), Count II of Vilches, The Cervanta Viscount II, married in 1879 to Mary San Juan and Mendinueta (? – 1927 ) Countess of Goyeneche and the Chimera . Gonzalo was Knight of the Royal Collegiate Nobility of Madrid, the Royal Cavalry of Granada and the Royal Cavalry of Zaragoza, Commander of number plate with the Order of Carlos III, Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel Catholic, butler week the King, Vice President of the Senate and Senator for life . The couple had no children.
  • Pilar de Vilches and Llano

The sitter, a Monarchist writer, an excellent horsewoman and a friend of the artist, is seated in a fine armchair, her figure brightly lit in the shadowy room. This appealing portrait has a decidedly French air, and is clearly influenced by the work of Ingres; it is far removed from the austere restraint of Spanish tradition. Madrazo highlights the sitter’s youth -she was thirty-two at the time- and her beauty; her seductive gaze and the porcelain whiteness of her skin. The sensual effect is heightened by her clothes and her pose, head tipped slightly and resting on her right hand.

source: WikiCommons, Prado Museum

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