Two Brothers, 1845


Daguerreotype of Two Brothers, 1845

On the website of the Rijksmuseum this photo is described as ‘Portrait of a Young Boy and Girl’. But just because a child wears a dress does not automatically mean it is a girl. In fact, boys wore dresses until about six or seven years old. Therefore the older brother wears breeches, while the younger is still in a dress. Also, in those days boys mostly had a three-quarter hair parting, whereas girls had the hair parting always in the middle. As you can see the smaller child has short hair with a three quarter hair parting. They also have the same white collar with dark colored ribbon bow. I love the print of the older boy’s shirt. Mostly you see this pattern only with women’s dresses. These two boys are so adorable, don’t you think?

Via: Rijksmuseum

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