pregnant woman ~ 1840s


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sixth-plate Daguerreotype of young woman ~ 1840s

If this is what I think it is, it is a very rare find – from a history of costume point of view. The young woman on the photo seems to be wearing an 1840s maternity gown. The waistline seems to be higher than normal. Especially the 1840s dresses had a very low waistline, and on this photo it seems remarkably higher than normal, suggesting that the woman might be expecting. She is holding what appears to be a sixth plate case. Maybe a portrait of the father? Maternity portraits are very rare to find. I wonder why women chose not to be photographed, or was it society that imposed it or deemed it improper? Many other major life events were photographed, so why not pregnancy? I would gladly hear your comments and thoughts about the subject!

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