father and son ~ 1854


Sixth-Plate Daguerreotype of Father and Son (George) ~ 1854

” Extraordinary vernacular sixth plate daguerreotype of a bearded man in profile looking with concern at his daughter and a large bandage on her hand. I love the way he cradles her chair and peers with intensity. Maybe her father, maybe her doctor, this man has a killer black and white checkered coat. The mat reads “George” in the lower left corner and “1854” in the lower right, both in cursive script. The 3-dimensional holographic depth and range of tones is second to none.

For Sale via: Macrafly

NB: on the website of Macrafly the photo is described as father and daughter but the child is most certainly a boy. In those days boys wore dresses as well, and you can also see it is not a girl because girls always had their hair parted in the middle whereas boy had a three quarter parting, or like on this photo. This might also explain the name ‘George’ on the mat, it might be the name of the boy.

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