Carl Krone, 1850

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Portrait of his brother Carl Krone by Hermann Krone, 07.12.1850
There might be a mistake in the name of the sitter, which on the original website is identified as Carl Krone. Other sources name Carl Krone as the father of Hermann Krone, and the brother is named Richard Krone, see my other post here.

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  1. Judy Krone Jones says: Reply

    That picture is my 2nd Great Grandfather Paul Richard Krone… Hermann Krones brother.
    Would love to have a copy of that picture !

    Judy Krone Jones

  2. Miss Anna says: Reply

    Hello Judy, how interesting to hear that you are related to the man on this picture! I found the photograph in this German archive: You can actually request a reproduction of the photo via a link on their website: “The most convenient way of ordering photos from us is by using the shopping basket on the platform Kulturelles Erbe Köln (KEK) [Cologne´s Cultural Heritage]. ” For more instructions see their website. I hope it will work out. Good luck!

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