Count Vladimir Alexeevich Bobrinsky, 1845


Count Vladimir Bobrinsky, 1845

He was the brother of Alexei Bobrinsky aka Aleksander Alekseevich Bobrinsky, see my other post here. His father was Aleksei Alekseevich Bobrinsky, his mother was Sophia Alexandrovna Bobrinskaya, née Samoilova (4 October 1797 – 11 November 1866).

Count Vladimir Alexseevich Bobrinsky (2 October 1824 – 28 May 1898) was Lieutenant-General, the Governor of Grodno, the Minister of Railways. He was married to Mary Gavriilovna Brezhnev/Maria Gavriilovna Brezhnev, with whom he had two sons (Yemelyan and Peter).

Below another photo of the count ca. 1846:



Count Vladimir in Paris, 1840s

source: Hermitage Museum

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