Lady & Lord Dufferin’s three oldest children, 1876


Lady & Lord Dufferin‘s children (Terence, Archie & Nellie) by William James Topley, February 1876

This is a photograph of Lord and Lady Dufferin‘s three oldest children, Terence (future 2nd Earl of Dufferin and Ava), Archie (Viscount Clandeboye, future Earl of Ava) and Nellie (Lady Helen Blackwood, future Viscountess Novar).

  • Lady Helen Hermione (1863–1941)
  • Archibald Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 2nd Earl of Ava (1863–1900)
  • Terence John Temple (1866–1919)

They are dressed up for a fancy dress ball hosted by their viceregal parents, which took place on February 23, 1876. All costumes are in blue satin with orange satin trim. Archie is dressed as a young “Lord Darnley” and Nellie is dressed as a young “Mary Queen of Scots.


The Countess of Dufferin is dressed as “Mary of Guise” for a fancy dress ball that the Dufferins hosted on February 23rd, 1876. She is wearing a white satin dress with crimson puffs on the sleeves and bodice, and a long velvet crimson robe draped from her shoulders.

NB: Although the Earl of Dufferin’s Grand Fancy Ball took place on February 23, 1876, photographs of costumed individuals and groups were taken after the event itself. While the majority were taken in February and March, some of the guests were also photographed in April.

source: Library & Archives Canada

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