Miss Grace Sutherland, ca. 1890s


Miss Grace Sutherland, ca. 1890s

Miss Grace Sutherland was one of the seven Sutherland Sisters, a group of singing ladies from Lockport (Niagara, N.Y.), that were famous for their very long hair. The sisters spent much of their time traveling from city to city in side-shows from about 1882 until about 1907: in 1882 with W.W. Coles Colossal Show, by 1884 with “Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth”, and also posing in drug store windows or hotels lobbies.

On group photos the sisters were always placed in such a way that it seemed all of the sisters had hair reaching the floor. Grace Sutherland had five feet long, auburn mane. All of her life she was very proud of it. She never married and lived until 1946.


source: George Eastman House

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