Lady with long hair, 1870s


Lady with long hair by Nikolaus Stockmann (Hietzing near Vienna, Austria), 1870s

Below a photo of the same lady with her hair up:


Nikolaus Stockmann (10. 3. 1832 – 9. 2. 1905), painter, later photographer. Royal photographer of Serbian Court from 1870. Hietzing – Wien/Vienna, Alleegasse 40. Activity: 1856-1905. Studios: 1856, Pancsova, in his own house, Hungary (today Serbia). Itinerant photographer from 1858 in Serbia, Belgrad. In Vienna from ca. 1863. In 1870: Hof-Photograph des Fürsten Milan Obrenovich (Royal photograph of Prince Milan Obrenovich). From 1882: serbischer Hof-photograph (Royal photographer of I. Milan Serb King).

Later he had 16 studios in Vienna, running some of them with his Serbian origin wife, Wilhelmine (Wilma) Lekitsch, widowed Schuschmann and his daughter Olga, later with his son-in-law: Fritz Knozer. Wilma Stockmann made portrait of Alexandre Dumas père, and run studio after death of Stockmann.

source: Ggaabboo on Flickr, Nori on Flickr

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