Caroline Belmont, 1850s


Caroline Belmont by George Peter Alexander Healy, ca. 1850s

Caroline Slidell Perry (1829-92) married August Belmont Sr. on November 7, 1849. She was the daughter of naval officer Matthew Calbraith Perry, captain and commodore in the U.S. Navy, later famous for his expedition to open the trading ports of Japan in 1853. According to Jewish newspaper sources, August Belmont converted to Christianity at that time, taking his wife’s Episcopalian/Anglican faith.  Their sons were Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, Perry Belmont, and August Belmont, Jr. All of his sons became involved in politics. Perry became the head of the committee on foreign affairs in Congress. They also had two daughters, Jennie (died age 10) and Fredericka Belmont.

Author Edith Wharton reputedly modeled the character of Julius Beaufort in her novel The Age of Innocence on Belmont.

source: Notey

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