Unknown French Lady, 1850s


Unknown Lady by A. Gaudin, ca. 1850s

A formal portrait of a stylishly dressed, unsmiling young woman seated in a chair. She is holding a book or journal in one hand. It might also be a Daguerreotype photo case.

This appears to be an undated daguerreotype. There is a small stamp or hallmark on the bottom left hand corner of the photograph which is difficult to decipher. The word “Double” appears above a lamb with a cross behind it and the number “40” is to the right. Below is the name A. Gaudin. A similar stamp was found through internet research for daguerreotype hallmarks. The information from this site suggests that this is the hallmark for A.(Antoine) Gaudin & Bro. 9 rue de la Perle, Paris for brothers Marc Antoine Gaudin (1804-1880) and Alexis Gaudin. The site describes the hallmark as a lamb (Agnus Dei) between 2 crescent moons, and the silver content indicated in this case by “40”.

Unfortunately, there is no indication as to the date acquired to London Public Library’s London Room photograph collection. There are no clues to the young woman’s identity.

source: London Public Library

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