Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna & her daughter Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna, 1866


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Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna & her daughter Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna by Karl [Charles] Bergamasco,  1866


Carte-de-visite photograph of Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna (1830-1911) and her daughter Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna (1851-1926), later Queen Olga of the Hellenes. Grand Duchess Olga is sitting on a stone balustrade to the right, her right arm around her mother’s shoulders. Both are looking to the left and wearing belted dresses decorated with lace. Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna was the eldest daughter of Grand Duke Constantine Nikolayevich and his consort Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna. In 1867 she married George I, King of the Hellenes at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.


Alexandra wears the same dress as in these series of photographs, see my other post here.

source: Royal Collection

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