Girl with pencil slip chain necklace & Gold pencil on slip chain Necklace, ca. 1840s

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1/6 plate Daguerreotype of young girl with pencil slip chain necklace & Gold pencil on Slip Chain, ca. 1840s

These decorative slip chains held both personal writing utensils or a woman size pocket watch. A pencil like this one would then be tucked into her belt for quick access. The slip chain contains a small round shaped opal in the center of the sliding brooch and held be a heavy gold rope style chain. The girl on the photo has matching gilt applied to all of her jewelry, including her own slip chain. She holds a stunning bouquet of flowers in her hands and looks off in a downward pensive thought. The daguerreotype is enclosed in a rather rare case entitled, “Lady with Palm Branch.” Please note: This exact case is not pictured in Berg and must be considered at least Rare to Very Very Rare.

Via: nic-o-matic on Ebay

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