Emmy Beneke’s Bridesmaids, 1852

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Daguerreotype of Bridesmaids of Emmy Beneke (sister of Alida Schmidt), 1852

Mathilde Westphalen (1833-1885), Elisabeth Abendroth (1833-1889), Francis Behn (nee Gosslar, sister of Marianne Burchard), Mathilde Föhring (nee Schmidt), Emilie v. Ulmenstein (nee Justus, 1832-1898), Marie Siemssen (nee Cramer, 1833-1902), Agnes Maucke († 14.4.1871), Elisabeth Lappenberg (1833-1872), Auguste Bieler (nee Justus, 1834-1918).

This is such a sweet photo of all these girls together. Interesting to see all the different hair- and dress styles of the same era in one photo. Gossip girls of the 19th Century.

Via: Mein Stuck Hamburg

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