Family Portrait, 1840s-1850s


Family Portrait, 1840s-1850s

Note the Lady’s very particular diamond shape trimmed dress! The trim is both on the bodice as well as on the skirt. The bodice seems to have some kind of ‘peplum’ but it is hard to see clearly. Also I would be curious to see what type of sleeves the dress has. I have seen this type of bodice before on 1840s photographs, but the hairstyle of this lady seems more towards 1850s. She might be old fashioned and wear a dress a bit outdated? What is your thought on this image. Is it more 1840s or more 1850s? I do not know enough of men’s fashion to be able to draw any sensible conclusions based on the father and son’s attire.

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Via: Bibliotheque nationale de France

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