Anna Gratia Asser & Unknown Girl in Fancy Dress, 1856


Anna Gratia Asser  & Unknown Girl by Eduard Isaac Asser, 1856

On the website of the Rijksmuseum the above girls are described as Anna Gratia Asser & Thérèse AsserThe girl on the left is clearly Anna Gratia Asser. But I doubt that the girl on the right is actually Thérèse Asser. If you look closely at the other pictures of Therese Asser, the girl on the above photo does not look like her at all. This also explains the mystery of this group photo below, read my other post here. The unknown girl of the above photos might be Anna Gratia’s cousin, a daughter of Elisa Beer-Oppenheim. They look very much alike. And the ballerina girl on the photo below might be another daughter of Elisa Beer-Oppenheim.


Via: Rijksmuseum

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